Romain Brossier's book chapter list

[1] L. Métivier, A. Allain, R. Brossier, Q. Mérigot, and J. Oudet, E.and Virieux. On the use of optimal transport distances for a pde-constrained optimization problem in seismic imaging. In Harbir Antil, Drew P. Kouri, Martin-D. Lacasse, and Denis Ridzal, editors, Frontiers in PDE-Constrained Optimization, pages 377--397. Springer New York, New York, NY, 2018. [ DOI | http ]
[2] J. Virieux, A. Asnaashari, R. Brossier, L. Métivier, A. Ribodetti, and W. Zhou. 6. an introduction to full waveform inversion. In Kees Wapenaar Vladimir Grechka, editor, Geophysical References Series - Encyclopedia of Exploration Geophysics, pages R1--1--R1--40. Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2017. [ DOI | arXiv | .pdf ]
[3] R. Brossier, J. Virieux, and S. Operto. Parsimonious finite-volume frequency-domain method for 2-D P-SV wave modelling. In J. O. A. Robertsson, J. O. Blanch, K. Nihei, and J. Tromp, editors, Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation: gridded two-way wave-equation methods, page 37. Society of Exploration Geophysics - Geophysics reprint series No. 28, 2012.
[4] J. Virieux, V. Etienne, V. Cruz-Atienza, R. Brossier, E. Chaljub, O. Coutant, S. Garambois, D. Mercerat, V. Prieux, S. Operto, A. Ribodetti, and J. Tago. Modelling seismic wave propagation for geophysical imaging. In M. Kanao, editor, Seismic Waves - Research and Analysis, pages 253--304. InTech, 2012. [ .pdf ]
[5] R. Brossier, V. Etienne, S. Operto, and J. Virieux. Frequency-domain numerical modelling of visco-acoustic waves based on finite-difference and finite-element discontinuous galerkin methods. In D. W. Dissanayake, editor, Acoustic Waves, pages 125--158. SCIYO, 2010. [ .pdf ]

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